Enterprise vision Gather first-class talents, create first-class environment, and be a first-class enterprise.
Enterprise tenet To give back to the society and promote social development.
Enterprise spirit Pride. Strive for progress!
Behavior Be a good person, do a good job, and do a good car.
Quality policy Do not accept defective products, do not transmit defective products, do not manufacture defective products.
Middle East/Asia Market:
Suey Zhong 
E-mail: zhongsy@haojin.com.cn 
Tel./WeChat: 0086-13480223054
Africa Market:
E-mail: export03@haojin.com.cn 
Tel./WeChat: 0086-18928989515
Guangzhou Haojin Motorcycle Co., Ltd 
E-mail: service@haojin.com.cn
For business inquiries: branding@haojin.com.cn
Central and South America/Europe Market: 
E-mail: export21@haojin.com.cn
Tel./WeChat: 0086-13928918218
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