Haojin Motor  adopts a comprehensive quality management model, combines the  requirements of ISO9001 quality management system standards, establishes  a sound quality assurance system, and achieves quality management  activities through quality planning, control, assurance and improvement,  and always adheres to customer needs and “being a first-class  enterprise”. The concept is the sole standard for product manufacturing and inspection.
In  the aspect of quality control, Haojin Motor uses SPC statistical  process control to effectively monitor raw and auxiliary materials,  outsourced parts, manufacturing process and finished product inspection,  and play a preventive management role. Extensively  carry out product quality promotion activities, establish a quality  assurance system for all employees, adhere to the quality management  principles of “not accepting defective products, not manufacturing  defective products, and not transmitting defective products”, providing  customers with satisfactory products and services, and establishing  quality. The first quality management values.

Haojin  Motor has advanced experimental testing equipment and professional  laboratory testing personnel to effectively detect the product  realization process, ensuring that every component, every process and  every product can be improved and become a fine product.