Guangzhou Haojin Motorcycle Co., Ltd. R & D system "Haojin Technology Center" is a city-level enterprise technology center in Guangzhou, which has gathered a number of senior technical talents in the industry. It is a professional R&D team of motorcycles and engines with nearly 100 R&D personnel. In cooperation with Taiwan's professional design company and Italian ITT technology research and development team in the shape design and engine technology of the vehicle, it has formed a strong research and development strength, and launched 2 to 3 new models with independent intellectual property rights every year.

Haojin Technology Center has an integrated R&D platform for R&D data systems, new technology research, simulation calculation analysis, design development, and test evaluation. Through the introduction of various high-precision test and analysis equipment and software systems from Japan's Ono, Japan's HORIBA, the United States Hexagon, the United States PTC and other companies, with motorcycle vehicle design, engine performance research, motion analysis and product reliability, durability Sex test evaluation ability, with a professional testing ground for motorcycles, provides a reliable guarantee for the development quality of new products.

Excellent R&D organizational structure, sufficient talent reserve, advanced research and development methods, scientific research and development process, and rigorous product evaluation system have enabled the company to achieve innovative, efficient and high quality in the motorcycle field. New product development.