• Drive at Your Will - Haojin Hawk2015-04-02
  • Drive at Your Will - Haojin Hawk

    After thoroughly examining the demands of recent customers from different perspectives, the development team of Haojin Motorcycle finally strived to create the HJ200GY-3 Hawk model, which is...

  • Ignite Your Dream - HAOJIN EVO1502014-09-02
  • Ignite Your Dream - HAOJIN EVO150

    Integrating the 20 years' outstanding quality and various pieces of innovative technologies, EVO150 is a masterpiece full of innovation, with tough appearance, comfortable and secure operation, ...

  • CBF150, racing power technology2014-04-02
  • CBF150, racing power technology

    CBF, racing power technology, the latest R&D achievement of HAOJIN; it accomplishes top 10 core technology with its all-dimensional tech innovation and a conversation philosophy of m...