• Gist for safe riding2020-02-21
  • Gist for safe riding

    Goods should be fixed on the loading holder with well-knit roped, loaded loosely will affect the motorcycle�檚 stability and also scatter your attention to road conditions.

  • Enjoy the rhythm of your riding2019-05-07
  • Enjoy the rhythm of your riding

    The most satisfying and enjoyable ride is not always the fastest or quickest, but the one where you develop a pleasant, flowing and almost musical rhythm. Rhythm generally means a “movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions”.

  • How do I know when my bike needs new tyres?2018-12-20
  • How do I know when my bike needs new tyres?

    When you ride, the only contact with the road is your tyres. This is why it is so important that you look after them and look out for signs of wear. You might be surprised to learn that the contact patch on your average car is just 147 square inches (373sq cm) of rubber.