• HAOJIN ARES150 TEST RIDE2018-08-22

    ARES150 is another new street sports bike independently developed by Haojin after ZEUS and EVO150. Given a R&D time of two years, ARES150 gets all its performance data through bench and road tests. The successful development of ARES150 has coagulated

  • How to ride a motorcycle safely in winter2018-11-26
  • How to ride a motorcycle safely in winter

    With the winter season fast approaching, it’s only practical that we make the necessary preparations for the onset of snowfall and slippery roads. While the white flakes are a joy to have, in excess they can be really harmful to motorists, especially those who prefer motorcycles to cars.

  • 6 Simple Ways to Increase Bike Power2018-09-14
  • 6 Simple Ways to Increase Bike Power

    The motorcycle experience is much more nuanced than driving a car. How your bike responds has a lot to do with body position, throttle control, and cornering.
    However, if you want a faster ride, th