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HAOJIN VI 2014-10-09 RAR文件 3.64MB
Remark The English Mark of HAOJIN Company is designed according to the unique characteristics of the company. The standard application of the mark is important in advertising company’s image, of which the size and the proportion should be strictly maintained.
IMAGE SHOP 2014-10-09 RAR文件 378.25KB
Remark Billboard is an important component of image shop. It is the carrier of company image which express out the company and brand value. So it should be made attractive and memorable to public.
HAOJIN LOGO 2014-09-15 RAR文件 3.55MB
Remark HAOJIN company logo consists of two letters with letter J surrounding letter H, forming a shield figure which shows a sense of stability and reliability. And the smooth passages between the two letters imply a smooth road to a brighter future.

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